SIMmersion Partners With Warriors In The Workplace to Offer Discounted Virtual Reality Interview Coaching For Veterans

MOORESVILLE, NC) September 21, 2015 Officials at Geared Marketing announced today that SIMmersion Inc, creators of the Job Interview Training with Molly Porter virtual reality interview coaching program will partner with Warriors In The Workplace to offer unlimited use of the innovative program at a discounted rate of $75 to veterans who use the coupon code “WARRIORS” upon purchase. A link to the program will be available through the Resources page on the Warriors In the Workplace website.

Instead of just looking over a list of possible questions, the Job Interview Training with Molly Porter program offers job seekers over a thousand questions that can be asked, which change depending on the answers provided. Molly’s personality changes each session, giving practice sessions with an interviewer that is all business, friendly, and downright difficult. An on screen coach is available during the entire interview process to offer feedback, and the users are able to track their progress. Practicing within the safety of their own home, veterans can build their confidence before the high stakes meeting with the real interviewer.

“This simulation allows veterans to get exposure to more than a thousand common interview questions in realistic simulated interviews that never play the same way twice. By learning what they may be asked, rehearsing their responses, and receiving constructive automatic coaching in a safe, private online format, veterans can build their confidence and lower their anxiety long before a real job opportunity is on the line” explains Ben Allen-Kingsland of SIMmersion.

The Job Interview Training with Molly Porter virtual reality program has been studied at Northwestern University and the results of using it have led to increased confidence and less stress during the interview process. Perhaps most impressive, those who used the program were 9 times more likely to have found employment within 6 months of program use than those who did not. Also available is a companion program, the Self-Directed Search or SDS, which lets job seekers narrow down what fields of employment will match their areas of interest. Information about the SDS is available at, where visitors can also try out the virtual interview with Molly Porter at no cost.

“When Geared Marketing first contacted me about the SIMmersion program, I was intrigued to learn more about their Job Interview Training with Molly Porter program. After visiting their site and viewing customer testimonials, I was sold immediately” explained John Birmingham, Executive Director of Warriors In The Workplace. “Then when I saw the results they were having with the Veteran community, I was excited to hear that we were the first non-profit they had decided to work with. To be able to offer this caliber of training to Veterans at an incredibly discounted rate will help step up our efforts to better prepare transitioning Veterans.”

SIMmersion Inc’s mission is to train communication skills more effectively by combining the world’s most realistic simulated experiences with highly interactive training content and extensive user feedback. With contracts within the military, the intelligence community, and the National Institutes of Health, their training programs have been utilized with varied partners with great success. For more information about SIMmersion, please visit

Warriors In The Workplace, a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit, was created to honor the memory of a local hero. As a Marine, he had survived 2 tours of Iraq and one in Afghanistan and had been awarded a purple heart. Facing a staggering unemployment rate and suffering from PTS, he took his own life. Similar tragedies play out daily, with an average of 22 military suicides per day. Warriors In The Workplace is the organization that was created in the wake of his loss to help our returning veterans. The initiative is specifically geared toward the men and women of the U.S. Military, to offer them employment opportunities based upon skills they have acquired and perfected throughout their military careers. To learn more about this organization, please contact John Birmingham, Executive Director, at 207.694.1808 or by email at

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