Below you will find bios for Warriors in the Workplace Board Members.
We could not do what we do without them and greatly appreciate their help!

John Birmingham, President and Executive Director of Warriors In The Workplace
John Birmingham was born and raised in Northern Maine. His dad served in the US Army right out of High School, serving two tours in Vietnam, and retired with nearly 30 years of service. His family owned and operated a guide and hunting business for nearly 20 years, where John managed the scheduling and booking part of the family business. John joined the Maine Army National Guard at the age of 17, serving in the medical field for 7 years. After a year of Military medical school, John started a full time career with the US Postal Service in 1992 where he suffered what would be a career ending injury in 1998 and was forced to retire in 2006.

John volunteered for Motor Racing Outreach (MRO) for 4 years assisting the National Coordinator for fan outreach. Working with MRO and living in the NASCAR community proved to be invaluable in making his mark and building a strong reputation within the motorsports industry.

In 2010, John travelled with Joe Gibbs “Game Plan for Life” and I Am Second. John was working fan events and coordinating with MRO’s concerts and fan events.

In 2011, John co-founded an organization that travelled the U.S. to pay tribute to fallen American service members and their families. This program gained National attention and grew to become a weekly tribute in the racing community, both on and off the track.

The desire to honor our fallen heroes left him wanting to do more for our Military. In June, John sat down with key members of the NSTA and they began to develop the Warriors In The Workplace organization which would provide employment opportunities for returning Military and Veterans that are currently seeking employment. With ever increasing unemployment rates for Veterans and the increasing need for PTSD treatment as well as skyrocketing suicide rates among US Military service members, the need for programs like this was growing even more and it was time to put the program into action!

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