Warriors In The Workplace 2012 Creation Honors Memory of Lost Hero

In 2012 the group sat at a table, discussing the loss of one of their friends. A young man who was a hometown hero, an inspiration to the youth of the community, a decorated soldier. As a Marine, he had survived 2 tours of Iraq and one in Afghanistan. He had been awarded a purple heart. After returning from his tours of duty, life should have been about moving on. Like many of our returning veterans, the job prospects were not good, with a staggering unemployment rate. Coupled with PTSD, it became more than he could handle, and he took his own life.

Similar tragedies play out daily, with an average of 22 military suicides per day. The group began to brainstorm. Could the outcome have been different if he had found employment? With so much focus on honoring the memories of our lost heroes, what can be done to help and honor those who return?

An idea came out of that memorial. What if an organization could be created that would connect veteran friendly companies with highly skilled veteran employees? Warriors In The Workplace is the organization that was created to honor the loss of a military hero and to help our returning veterans.